“Pirates of the Sun” are people committed to an energy efficient lifestyle. Harness the sun’s rays to power your ways of living and moving. “Pirates of the Sun” are leaving the fossil fuel past for a clean energy future.

The Solar Boat Ra

This is the boat that started the “Pirates of the Sun” adventure.

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Want to know when we are starting our adventure/dates/places we are visiting? We plan on posting some exciting new content about solar energy, what’s new, how and where we found them while showing what works and what doesn’t as we navigate our nations great waterways. Also, we will keep you informed on our whereabouts as we travel.

Got something to share? Photos/videos of us on an adventure near you. Something about what you are doing towards renewable energy, or just being a pirate with an adventure too!

We will not share, sell or use your email/information or content for anything other than notifying you of our whereabouts and posting your adventure here on our blog. Your privacy is part of our “Pirates Code of Honor”.

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Green Renewable Energy

Sustainable, renewable energy. wind, solar, geothermal and other renewable energy solutions can fill the need to stop subsidizing the fossil fuel industry, reduce waste energy and all the hazardous waste it produces. We are at a time that we can significantly reduce the need for oil, coal and natural gas through each of our efforts to do so. We have found ways that even our crew can begin utilizing these new resources while spending no extra money doing so. So start by signing up to be part of our crew, as all of us are’ and become a “Pirates of the Sun”.

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